noun    |    /o/
French for “water”, from Latin aqua

Water exhibits rhythm and flow. Likewise, dancers embody fluidity through movement and musicality.  The name EAU Dance is derived from the characteristics of water, the studio’s location near Reeds Lake, and our love for the Great Lakes, especially Superior.

Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.

Maya Angelou

EAU Dance provides educational classes in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere that challenges and inspires students of all ages and abilities.

The go-to hub for professional dance education and performance where movers of all ages feel empowered to realize their potential.

EAU Dance was founded by Emily Underwood in early 2016 and began hosting classes in the shared studio space at Pilates in East in Gaslight Village, East Grand Rapids. As the EAU Dance community grew, programming was also offered at the Wealthy Theatre studio, which has now become EAU Dance’s main location and home. The creation of EAU Dance and its growing community of dance families, adult fitness friends, and talented teachers is the realization of a dream.

Rooted in classical ballet technique, EAU Dance offers quality training in a variety of genres to build well rounded dancers and educated movers.

EAU Dance encourages students to stretch technically, develop an understanding of human anatomy and body mechanics, and cultivate an appreciation for the art of dance.

EAU Dance provides a respectful and nurturing studio environment that promotes positive self-image, poise, and confidence; recognizing the benefits of a disciplined dance education can last a lifetime. We are proud of our family friendly culture. EAU Dance is more than movement.

EAU Dance is dedicated to creative community collaboration through hosting and supporting events and organizations that align with our mission, promote health and wellness, and further medical research.

We believe in accessibility to dance and performing arts education. EAU Dance offers needs based scholarships to dancers/families who exhibit passion and dedication to their skill development.